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When I was thrown into the world of autism and special education, I went through much of the process by trial and error, learning as I went.   How I wish that I had purchased a book to have on hand over the years!   If I had, it probably would have been the one that I am about to provide information on!

Wrightslaw:  All About IEPs

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs provides a comprehensive look at the world of special education, addressing not only getting started and the basics of the IEP and IEP meetings but also transitioning into different school levels and adulthood.   There are also chapters devoted to placement to other facilities or schools if needed.

Peter W. D. Wright, one of the authors, is an attorney who represents clients receiving or in need of special education services.  His own personal struggles with learning disabillities drive him to help others receive the services and education that they are entitled to.  His wife and co-author, Pamela Wright, is a psychotherapist who had worked with children and families for several decades.  Together, the pair has formed Wrightslaw and produced several books regarding special education, advocacy and related topics.

My Choice Would be Paperback Version

My choice for this purchase would be the  paperback version.   Although the book is also available in Kindle version, I strongly believe that this is a book that you will refer to often over the years that you are working with the educational system.  It would be handy to have a paperback version that you could highlight, mark pages and make notes in as needed!  Plus, if the IEP team sees you carrying this book into a meeting, they are going to realize that they are dealing with someone who has done some reading and research!

Easy Format

The book is written in question-and-answer format and not only covers information regarding the IEP process but also provides examples of actual situations.   Some of the reviews on Amazon state that the book is “a must have for anyone who deals with special education.”    Other reviewers stated that they would not believe that easy to understand” could be used in the same sentence as “IEPs”.    Personally, I would not want a book where I have to spend a lot of time looking up legal jargon to understand what the author is saying, and in my look through the pages this book would keep you from doing this.

Other Wrightslaw Books

There are additional books produced by Wrightslaw but this one looks like the best choice for an overall view of the IEP process and it appears to cover any areas that you could possibly be dealing with over the years.  It even talks about how to handle disputes between the parents and school system.   Wrightslaw:  All About IEPs would definitely be on my bookshelf!


Disclaimer Notice:  When you buy something from this website, I may receive an affiliate commission.These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.  My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.  I never recommend poor quality products, or create false reviews to make sales.  It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decisions on which ones suit your needs best.


If you have any comments, questions or ideas to share on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below!   Or maybe you have another area related to autism that you would like me to talk about!   Just let me know!



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