Entering the World of Parenting Autism

My journey as an autism parent began in 2003 — my husband and I, along with our daughter whoKris was a high school student at the time, had decided to take in and adopt a grandson from my husband’s previous marriage.   Devin had spent about 3 years in the foster care system 3 states away from us and was just about to turn 4.  We had been told that he had a couple of developmental delays, but nothing that stability and loving care would not take care of.

Concerns about Devin

Within two weeks of Devin joining our household, I had spent many hours on the internet trying to figure out ways to deal with his behaviors — tantrum throwing, biting, banging his head against the wall and seeming to have no understanding of fear.    I expressed my concerns to the case worker overseeing his placement and she agreed with me — we suspected that he had either autism or ADHD, if not both.  After finding out he had never been evaluated for either, we set up our first evaluation and received a diagnosis of ADHD and borderline autism.

It was approximately a year later when the psychiatrist we were seeing to manage the ADHD meds requested that our local school district have him evaluated again for autism.   This time there was no disputing that it was indeed autism.

My Purpose in Sharing

Through this site, I will share with you some information on autism and some of the trials that go along with having a child with autism in the pages under the category Autism Info.   I will also share my journey as an autism parent through posts under Living With Autism.   In addition, I will share information on various resources that you may find helpful on your journey with autism under Resource Reviews.

Please Comment

Every individual with autism is different, but my goal is to help you find ways to navigate the world of autism as well as ways to help you and your child cope with autism in your everyday life through sharing my experiences and recommending products and ideas that might help you!   If you ever have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to leave them below!  I am by no means an expert in everything to do with autism but I will help you find an answer to the best of my ability!

Hoping to help others,





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