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ITEM: Weighted Faux Fur Vest

Merchant:   Fun and Function

Cost:  From $51.99

Weighted clothing and blankets have been shown to help children who exhibit any of the following traits:   aggression, anxiety, attention disorders, transitions, travel issues or trouble at school.

When Devin was younger, he wore a weighted vest but it was not nearly as stylish as the ones I have seen on the market today!   Even now in his teens, Devin often turns to a weighted vest when he starts to feel anxious or restless.

The advantage of a weighted vest over a weighted blanket or lap pad is that it appears to be part of the child’s clothing rather than sitting with a blanket over them.  This makes the child less conspicuous to onlookers and it is easier to get the child to wear it!

These weighted vests come in several different sizes.  Fun and Function has provided a helpful size chart to help you determine the correct size for your child.

The vest zips up the front, so it fits in with today’s styles and makes it easy for children to put on or remove easily.   There are areas for removable weights in the shoulders and the pockets.

Each vest comes with 2.5 pounds of weights:  six 1/4 pound weights for each shoulder and two 1/2 pound weights for the pockets.  If your child requires additional weights, there are additional weights available for purchase as well.

These vests a designed for use in children ages 2-12 and it is recommended that you use weighted products under the guidance of a therapist.   Use of the weighted vest is recommended to be done under the supervision of an adult.   Some individuals benefit from using the weighted vest for 20 to 30 minute intervals or longer if needed.

I am not sure about your child, but I know that Devin would have loved the soft texture of the faux fur in addition to the calming effect of the weights.   Personally, I was amazed at the effects that weighted clothing and blankets had on Devin.

Fun and Function also has an assortment of other weighted items that can be worn by children.   Feel free to check out the assortment by clicking on the banner below!


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