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In trying to figure out what was going on, I asked the case worker who was overseeing our adoption process in our state if she had noticed anything unusual about Devin’s behaviors.   She responded by saying that he was a very active little boy and she wondered exactly what evaluations had been done on him.    I told her my suspicions, and she suggested that I start by calling the case worker in the state where Devin had been in foster care.  Because it was just after 5 pm, I told her that I would do so the next day.

That night I received a phone call from my youngest sister, who is a pediatric physical therapist.   We had all spent the previous weekend in our hometown at a family reunion, which had also included a family birthday party for Devin.   Needless to say, everyone had seen Devin at his finest–throwing tantrums, trying to jump from the top of slides at the park, etc.

My sister, with a lot of hesitation, asked me if I had ever heard of autism — and I breathed a big sigh before saying, “Yes, and I think Devin has it.”   We talked for about 30 minutes, and the conversation ended with me more determined than before to get answers and help.

When I talked to the case worker in the other state, she got a bit defensive when I asked what evaluations had been completed  and responded that the only area of concern had been speech and the paperwork she had given me reflected that.   Then she asked me why I was asking and I told her what I suspected.

She reiterated that all Devin needed was love and stability and he would be fine — and that I could not “diagnose” anything because I was not a doctor.   I told her about my conversation with my sister, and her response to that was that physical therapists are not doctors either.

Our local case worker called me later that day to see what I had found out.    When I told her how the call had gone, she advised me that she was going to request that Devin be evaluated because she had done some research of her own and she suspected the same thing.   FInally — someone who had the power to do something was seeing the same thing that I was!


If you have any comments, questions or ideas to share on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below!   Or maybe you have another area related to autism that you would like me to talk about!   Just let me know!


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