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National Autism

National Autism Resources partners with the Organization for Autism Research to bring therapeutic tools to individuals with autism in a cost-effective manner.   The items found on the pages of this website help people with autism improve their skills and quality of life.

The menu on the site provides for easy navigation.   Users can choose from the following categories:   Shop by Product Type, Therapy Supplies, Shop by Age Range, Shop by Solution, Toys & Gifts or Sale.   Items found under these categories include items that can be used at home, as classroom supports and in therapy centers.

Chewing Items

When Devin was younger, we used a number of different chewable items to keep him from chewing on his clothes, hands and arms.   However, most of the chewable items we could find resembled the teething toys that babies use and he received a lot of stares from people as he was about 6 or 7 years old.   Now, there is chewable jewelry that looks like a robot or building blocks!

The other issue we ran into was the fact that the chew tubes Devin had were always dropping or getting misplaced.   With a number of the options available through Nation Autism Resources, that is not an issue because they are pendants, bracelets or have snap-on fasteners.


One of the biggest fads today are the spinning fidgets — National Autism Resources not only has the spinning and cube fidgets, but other options as well!   For those hands that need to keep busy so that the individual can focus and concentrate, the selection here will cover just about anything!

Weighted Items

Over the years, Devin has used a variety of weighted blankets, lap pads and vests to help keep him calm.   Again, there are a variety of these items available at National Autism Resources!   I can remember when one of Devin’s teachers first mentioned a weighted blanket — they were somewhat difficult to come by and it was faster to have a local woman make one for his use at school than it would be to order one!   With online sources, you eliminate the time it takes to find someone who knows how to make one plus the time it takes for your name to move up on the waiting list!

At the age of 18, Devin still utilized a weighted lap pad or weighted vest to help keep him calm when he starts to get anxious or fidgety!


Social Skills

This site also has a lot of resources for teaching and reinforcing social skills.   One of the biggest problem areas for individuals with autism is dealing with social situations and the assortment of games, books and activities available at National Autism Resources is bound to have something to help you with most situations.

Teenagers and Adults

There are even workbooks and other items to help teenagers and adults with social situations, anger and anxiety.  For example, there is a social skills activity called “What Should I Do Now?” This item helps young people learn decision-making skills based on real-life situations that they might find themselves faced with.

The teenage and young adult years are hard enough for a typical person — add in autism and it makes things really tough.   I have been fortunate to have people in my son’s life who are also concerned about his decision-making capabilities and talk to him about possible situations and what he should do if faced with one of them.

A Great Place for Resources

National Autism Resources gets a thumb’s up from me and I highly recommend that you visit their site!   No matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find it there!    After viewing the items on their site, I have a big wish list started!


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