by Kris Turman | 8:46 am

My Education in Individualized Education Plans

Prior to us bringing Devin into our home, we had to be licensed and approved as foster parents because he was in the foster care system.    Following our training, I began to attend

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by Kris Turman | 3:45 pm

Getting Our Autism Diagnosis

About 3 months after Devin came to live with us, we were in a local medical office with a psychologist for an autism evaluation.   As much as I wanted answers, I was scared

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by Kris Turman | 4:11 pm

Trying to get answers

In trying to figure out what was going on, I asked the case worker who was overseeing our adoption process in our state if she had noticed anything unusual about Devin’s behaviors.   She

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by Kris Turman | 8:54 pm

The Journey Starts

When my family and I decided to take Devin in from the foster care system 3 states away, we really had no idea of what we would be dealing with.   Devin was going

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