by Kris Turman | 2:54 pm

Moving Devin to Residential Care

Once we had the school district’s agreement that Devin would most likely benefit from residential care, the following days flew by!   Paperwork needed to be completed, the things that he would need had

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by Kris Turman | 3:36 pm

2011– A Year of Major Changes and Autism

As Devin and I rang in the New Year in January 2011, little would either of us know the major changes that would come with that year! Devin was in the 5th grade at

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by Kris Turman | 10:10 am

Combining Autism and Alzheimers in one house

Life settled into a bit of a routine — punctuated by constant challenges from Devin’s autism! If it was not a behavior, it was a learning issue. If not a learning issue, it was

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by Kris Turman | 3:28 pm

Facing the Reality of Devin’s Autism

Last month, Devin turned 18! Yes, a milestone but not in the way that most people look at turning 18. In my world, Devin turning 18 makes the reality of his autism even more

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by Kris Turman | 8:50 pm

Helping my son with transitions

From the time he came into our lives, Devin has struggled with transitions.   With the help of his behavioral therapist and the staff members at his school, we found a number of ways

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by Kris Turman | 5:47 pm

Devin’s ADHD

From the time we picked Devin up at the foster family’s home, it was pretty obvious that he had an endless power supply!   So I was not surprised when we received a definite

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by Kris Turman | 2:01 pm

Fighting the Stigma of Devin’s Autism

I am a strong believer in knowledge being one of the best tools to fight anything — and I became determined to create knowledge and awareness about Devin’s autism. I wanted people to accept him

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by Kris Turman | 5:27 pm

Devin’s Autism Meltdowns

When Devin first came to live with us, it seemed like he was constantly having meltdowns over one thing or another!   Before we started to suspect that he had autism, we were clueless

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by Kris Turman | 6:55 pm

Devin and His Autism Fixations

Shortly after Devin came to live in our home, it became apparent that he would become fixated on certain things.  Once a fixation started, it was very challenging to get him to do anything

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by Kris Turman | 5:55 pm

Mainstreaming to Kindergarten with Autism

In the weeks leading up the beginning of kindergarten, I was a nervous wreck!   Up until this point, Devin had been in a special education preschool run by our school district – now

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